Your relationships...multiplied

Finally see the big picture

CTD is a next-generation email analysis tool. We comprehensively scan your inbox, sniff out the people and companies you communicate with most, and present that information to you in a sleek, modern, searchable interface.

You have hundreds, thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of emails lurking in your inbox. But while your day-to-day focus is on attacking the onslaught of new messages, the big picture eludes you. Who do you talk to most? When was the last time you checked in with your favorite non-profit? How many people do you actually know?

CTD brings all of this - and more - to light.

Who do I know?

CTD finds your top contacts and does a comprehensive stastical analysis on each. Who emails who more? When was the last time you exchanged messages?

How well?

We use machine learning to calculate a custom relationship score (based on dozens of input signals) for each of your contacts. Surface your strongest connections and hide your weak ones.

What’s our history?

Don't remember how you know someone? No problem - CTD lets you drill down into your contact history and see exactly when (and what!) you discussed with your contacts.